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What is TOEIC Trainer? This product analyzes and assesses each student's English level according to the material used on the TOEIC test. Then, TOEIC Trainer delivers a customized training program that targets each student's specific needs.

Below is a sample lesson plan. Click on the "Pre-Test" or "Pre-Test Review" link to begin the demonstration. Once you are familiar with the testing portion of this program please access one of the four practice Activities by clicking one of the highlighted lesson links (in blue).

Lesson Plan
Lesson Plan
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Student Stats
   > 2/25/2008
        > 28 days left
   > Total logins: 12
        > Time: 6.5 hrs
    Pre-test   None   completed
    Pre-test Review   None   completed
1   Listening    Photo, Meaning Confusion    in progress
2   Reading    Main Idea    in progress
3   Grammar    Word Choice    in progress
4   Grammar    Unnecessary Words    not completed
5   Listening    Question-Response, Similar sounds    not completed
6   Listening    Question-Response, Subject    not completed
7   Grammar    Count and Non-Count Nouns    not completed
8   Listening    Short Conversation, Context    not completed
9   Grammar    Subject-Verb Agreement    not completed
10   Listening    Short Conversation, Detail    not completed
11   Listening    Short Talks, Main Idea    not completed
12   Listening    Short Talks, Context    not completed
13   Listening    Short Talks, Detail    not completed
14   Grammar    Prepositions    not completed
15   Grammar    Verb Tense    not completed
16   Listening    Short Conversation, Topic    not completed
17   Grammar    >Word Families    not completed
18   Listening    Question-Response, Verb Tense    not completed
19   Grammar    Comparative and Superlative    not completed
20   Grammar    Adverbs of Frequency    not completed
21   Listening    Short Talks, Inference    not completed
22   Listening    Photo, Similar Sounds    not completed
23   Reading    Detail    not completed
24   Grammar    Conditionals    not completed
25   Grammar    Conjunctions    not completed
26   Reading    Detail    not completed
27   Grammar    Pronouns    not completed
28   Reading    Vocabulary    not completed
    Post-Test   None   not completed
    Post-Test Review   None   not completed

Lesson Plan
   TOEIC Trainer // Lesson Plan

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