Sound and Video Check

STEP 1. Flash Player

Go to Macromedia website to download the latest Flash version

STEP 2. Microphone

Set your Flash Player to enable your microphone as follows:
(i) Click the "Set Flash Player Now" button and the Flash Player Settings window will appear.
(ii) Select the "Allow" and "Remember" options to enable your microphone. See the diagram below.
(iii) Once the "Remember" option is chosen, your system will remember the setting and you do not need to choose it again later.

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STEP 3. Recording and Playback Test

Plug your microphone into your sound card. Click Start Test Button and speak for five seconds.

  • If you have a web camera, you will record both your video and voice.
  • If you do not have a web camera, you will see the Audio Only message and you will record only your voice.
Click the Playback button and listen to your recording. If the sound level is too low, adjust your speaker volume. If the sound level is still too low, click the Adjust Settings button, and change the recording volume. Repeat the Recording Test and adjust until the volume is acceptable

Trouble Shooting

If you still can not hear your recording,

  • Check that your microphone is plugged in correctly
  • Check that your microphone MUTE switch is disabled
If you do not see your video
  • Check that your web camera is plugged in.