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This GMAT test simulation is offered by TestDEN.com to help you prepare for graduate business school in the USA and Canada. Since 1997, TestDEN.com has helped tens of thousands of students achieve their educational goals.

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iPod Winner's Circle

John from Kenya
I have just finished my undergraduate and awaiting graduation later on this year. I am currently doing an internship while applying for a masters program in the UK. I will be listening to the iPod while i do my jogging in the morning. The Gmat test provided me with an opportunity to be able to practice as well as to be able to rate my own perfomance and work on improving on it. I am grateful to TestDEN for providing me with that opportunity.

Devon from South Africa
This is a wonderful surprise. I work as an Assistant Lecturer for the University of Pretoria, as well as study. I will use the shuffle at home and on the move. As far as the GMAT test goes, I really thought the test you provided was a worthwhile exercise, and it stood me in good stead for one that I did for a job interview.

Nikhil from India
I am a software engineering working for an IT firm. I am a MBA aspirant and hope to do my studies from one of the prestigious universities in the United States or Canada. I am glad I won an ipod shuffle and would love to listen to it while i take breaks during work. Taking the free Gmat tests provided by testDEN was quite challenging yet was a funfilled experience. Thanks.

Iasmin from Brazil
I am a business student and currently I am a marketing intern at a car manufacturer company. I will probably listen to my Ipod Shuffle every day on my way to and from work! The GMAT test scared me at first, I thought it was going to be impossible to take. The Testden GMAT test helped me see that if I study and work hard I can definitely get a good score and enter a good university in a nearby future.

Daniel from Finland
I am currently finishing my master's degree. Afterwards I hope to pursue a Phd degree. In order to be admitted some schools require that I sit the GMAT. I hope I will be able to achieve a good score with the help of TestDEN. I will use my iPod while working out and maybe even while preparing for the GMAT.

Collins from Nigeria
I am an Estate Surveyor practicing here in Abuja. I will be listening to this iPod in my leisure times. The GMAT test is very interesting and rewarding to take.

Lia from Brazil
I am an economics student. I will listen to the iPod while running! I think the GMAT test is very good to evaluate both your english and logic skills, but it is a very difficult test.

Iulia from Romania
I am the Sales and Marketing Manager for BlueNote Communications. I will listen to my iPod during my long travels by train. Regarding the GMAT test, I was very pleased to find it online for free. This gave me the opportunity to test my management abilities and compare to others. I think that your initiative to create an online GMAT fans community is wanderful.

Ravinder from India
I work as a tax analyst in an accounting firm. I will use the ipod while travelling to my office. I have been preparing for the GMAT for the past 4 months and have been able to increase my verbal score due to TestDen. It is a great site for GMAT verbal preparation.

Johan from Sweden
I am an electrician currently looking for a job in Sweden or the EU. I'll definately use the iPod at work. I appreciate the GMAT test, it's a good way to practise abstract and logical thinking.

Faisal from UAE
I work with the Government of Abu Dhabi. I will probably gift the iPod Shuffle to my wife who loves listening to music. I thought the GMAT test was well organized and managed. I lacked confidence before I took your test but after having scored 100% in the verbal section, I feel more confident than ever before and I have now decided to actually take GMAT. Thanks TestDen.

Tessa from Jamaica
I am an Insurance Advisor. I will use my iPod to listen to music in my car! The GMAT test I completed on the TestDEN website was well put together and I appreciate the structure of the test. It gave me a better idea of how the real test will be structured, and it allowed me to practice while being timed. I believe that the practice tests on TestDEN are very useful.

Chattarin from Bangkok
I am an aerospace engineer working at a satellite ground station in Thailand. I was super excited when I heard that I won an iPod Shuffle cause I had never actually won anything in my life. I will definitely use the iPod during my morning runs as well as on my way to work. I'm looking to study finance in the US in the future so I was thinking about taking the GMAT test. I applied to sit the test next month. Wish me luck!

Chris from Netherlands
I work as a webcontent manager for a restaurant guide. My iPod shuffle would be great for when I'm cycling or working out at the gym. I believe the GMAT test is a great option that TestDEN offers us visitors, because it is a very easily accesible test, the actual task is very clear (opposing many other websites with such tests), and personally I enjoyed filling it out. It was quick, it worked without flaws or bugs, and it gave a result within minutes. This was a very open and direct way to test my skills. I hope TestDEN will provide us with such possibilities for many years to come!

Julien from Belgium
I'm a student and will listen to my new iPod shuffle on my bike or during long hours in the library. The GMAT-test is my unique way of expanding my experience and skills. It will give me the opportunity to study abroad the most prestigious universities.

Sotiris from Germany
I'm a graduate student in philosophy in Berlin. I will be more than happy to hear my playlist from my new iPod shuffle while jogging in the morning - it will make my day! TestDEN's GMAT test is really helpful, because you can practice and acquire skills for the actual test without expensive lessons or time constrains.

Javier from Chile
I am an Industrial Engineer. I'll use the iPod to listen cool music while jogging and doing other types of exercise. GMAT is a tough test, but it's feasible to train. Practice plus good execution tips seem to be the key to a great score. I'm confident that with enough practice and discipline, I'll somehow manage to get a good-enough score to apply to the best MBA programs.

Amit from Singapore
I work in the banking sector in India, but right now on leave from my job. I prefer to listen to songs at home, preferably at night and iPod shuffle would be of great help then. GMAT is a way to get into the top management institutions of the world. The test is computer adaptive and scores as per the accuracy and consistency of the candidates.

Steven from Belgium
I work as a financial analyst. I will listen to the iPod when I bike to work. GMAT is a good test to get a sense of a persons certain capabilities.


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